Stainless Steel

Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion and staining, low maintenance, and familiar lustre make it an ideal material for many applications. 

The two most common grades of stainless steel are: 

304 alloy - economical choice for most environments but is not chlorine resistant.

316 alloy- food and marine grade ideal for coastal and poolside applications.

Both 304 and 316 alloys are available in a number of finishes including:

2B - Mill Finish (Cold Rolled) - dull grey and slightly reflective.

No. 4 - Brushed finish - mechanically polished to a directional finish

No. 8 - Mirrored -Mechanically Polished to a bright non-directional finish 

Available sheet sizes are:

1200mm x 2400mm

1200mm x 3000mm

1500mm x 3000mm

Gauge: 0.5mm - 16mm thick

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