Installation made easy...

Landscape Screens can help you work out the best option for your particular project. 

There are lots of options for the installation of your beautiful laser cut screens.

Australian designed and manufactured in our Auburn Factory. Thank you for supporting Australian Manufacturing. 

With precut installation holes, flat screens can be fixed directly onto any existing structure such as standard fences or balconies.

We can also supply you with galvanised or aluminium posts, cut to size and powder coated to match your screen if required.

Posts need to be concreted a minimum 400mm into the ground so please allow for that when indicating the length of posts required.

Welded baseplates with pre cut fixing holes can also be added to the posts for fixing on top of any surface.


After laser cutting, we can fold the edges of the screen to make an integrated framing system that does away with the need for additional box section frames.  

Folded edges give great rigidity to the screen and as an optional extra the corners can be welded and dressed before powder coating to give a seamless finish. 

The screens can then be bolted into posts, the wall or to each other to cover a larger area.

Minimum return is 20mm.  

Screens can be supplied in fully welded square hollow section or rectangular hollow section box frames, powder coated to match.

This application is great for using in gates, fences, balcony screens and room dividers.

Runners can also be added to either folded screens or fully framed screens to make movable balcony screens that will add value to any development. 

Fixing into top and bottom U channel.

This is the recommended method for mounting panels that are framed or have double folds. It allows for slight imperfections of the structure i.e. surfaces that are not parallel and/or not flat or level.

U-channels are to have internal dimension to accommodate the depth of folded panel; typically 50mm.

U channels are mounted to top and bottom structure (concrete slab, soffit, timber beam etc.) with appropriate fasteners – masonry anchors, self-tapping screws etc. The panel gets fitted first into top channel and then pivoted into bottom channel which may have temporary packers fitted at the appropriate height to stop the panel disengaging from top channel.

Once the panel is adjusted to be level and plumb, self-tapping screws are driven into the sides of U channels and panel to permanently fix. For this method to work, the height of a panel must be that of the opening minus the height of the U channel (50mm typ) minus 15mm.    



Flat screens can be offset from a wall with aluminium, steel or wood spacers.  

Alternatively screens can be fixed with brackets or top hat mounts. 

To discuss your specific requirements call or email our office today or visit our showroom.


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